The Failure of the Lockdown



Ladies and gentlemen, I spent 18 months and $35,000 of my own money urging the voters of the 27th District to vote for liberty on June 23rd.  I worked my heart out as did my volunteers.  I knocked on doors, held press conferences and put up a professionally produced radio ad on WBEN.  In the end, in the first country ever founded explicitly on the principle of liberty, liberty got one percent of the vote.

Left-progressivism got 44 percent of the vote.  The winner, representing a kind of status quo conservatism got 55 percent of the vote.  The GOP candidate won.  Leaving Trump aside, as he represents a new kind of politician, what does a vote for the GOP stand for?  Judging from the actual record of what the GOP has accomplished in the last 50 years, what people voted for is big government, endless foreign wars, and the failed war on drug users.

In the next 10 days, how can I convince you to vote for liberty and not big government, which is what 99 percent of the voters voted for on June 23rd?

First, you have to understand the game the two parties play to get your votes.  Each party uses the bogeyman of the other party to get their own rank and file to keep their own political class in power decade after decade even when they fail to deliver on their promise of actually improving the lives of their party members.  This is how the same Democratic political class stays in charge for generations even though the welfare of their voters does not improve.  This is how the same GOP political class stays in charge for generations even though the welfare of their own voters does not improve.

The Democrats scare their voters by threatening that the GOP bogeyman in the closet is going to get them.  The GOP scares their voters by threatening that the Democratic bogeyman in the closet is going to get them.

I get it.  Believe me.  This works because the fear is real.

But look a little closer.  This is not a good bargaining position to be in.  If the GOP thinks you will never vote for another party because of fear of the Democrats, this means you have to accept whatever crap the GOP throws at you year after year and there’s nothing you can do about it because you have already told them they have your vote no matter what.

If you are ever going to have a GOP that is actually accountable for its performance when it fails to deliver on its promises, you need to send them a clear message that they do not own your vote. They do not own your vote.

What clearer message could you send than voting for me on the Libertarian line on November 3rd?

The same is true with the Democrats.  Even if you don’t agree with me on every issue, the strongest message you can send to the corrupt Democratic political class is a vote for me on the Libertarian line.

But why vote for liberty?  Because we have tried everything else in the last fifty years and it hasn’t worked.  After fifty years of trying the various big government ideas of the GOP and Democratic grifters, where do we stand?  The lockdown drove many Americans stir-crazy, resulting in the worst rioting in American history.  The government let the virus in, their socialized medicine failed to contain it; and their monopoly on testing turned into a catastrophic failure, so they imposed the lockdown as brute force is their only real tool.  This collapsed the economy resulting in the worst quarter of economic decline in a hundred years.  We saw the most massive violations of civil liberty since 1776, economic stagnation, a struggling working class, a depressed and hopeless underclass and a public debt so large there is no way it will ever be repaid.  Half the country hates the other half and there are rumors of civil war and families are at each other’s throats at holiday gatherings.  Experts believe there will be sustained riots after the November election no matter who wins.

Do you need any further evidence for the failure of both parties for your entire lifetimes?  I hope not.  The two parties, which have shared power for fifty years and basically agreed on all major policies and programs, have ruled and ruined the greatest country on earth.  Just open your eyes and take the blinders off and let the truth hit you right between the eyes!

Stop wasting your vote on the same political hacks who have wrecked your country, the greatest country in history, in just fifty years.  Cast a vote you can be proud of. Try voting for liberty for a change.  It worked for us for close to 200 years until government exploded in size in the 1960’s and we’ve been stuck in stagnation or decline and racial strife ever since.  Liberty works.  It created a great nation that people all over the world risk their lives to break into.

Let’s look at where we stand today in a country where 99% vote against liberty, the founding principle of the country.

America is suffering from a terrible virus, a virus that has destroyed the economy, destroyed our civil liberties, destroyed the lives of our young people and their graduations, job searches, social life and financial futures as they are now saddled with debt to pay for the lockdown.  This virus is destroying the lives of America’s youth and a country that allows its young people to be destroyed is destroying its own future.  A nation with no future is doomed.

What is this virus that is destroying our country?  It is not the coronavirus.  That is what the mainstream media wants you to think.  No, it’s not a biological virus that is destroying America.  It is a government virus.  America survived many prior epidemics as bad or worse than this one but never locked down the economy, never locked young people out of their schools, and sports and budding careers, caused a depression and tried to paper over the whole thing by creating three trillion dollars out of digital thin air, saddling our young people with debt for the next fifty years.

That’s what you get when you vote against liberty, the imminent destruction of your country, a great country you inherited from sixteen generations of Americans who built it.

Is there a vaccine against this government virus?  Yes, liberty!

But, if you want more stagnation, decline, failure, rioting, racial hatred, skyrocketing rates of murder and drug overdoses and a record number of small businesses bankrupt and closed forever, keep voting for one of the two twin parties that have manufactured these unprecedented disasters.

If you want more of the same stagnation, decline economic collapse and racial warfare, you can either vote for Nate McMurray, who favors the lockdown, the endless debt to pay for the lockdown, and the war on young people the lockdown entails, or you can vote for his Delaware North corporate lawyer twin Chris Jacobs, who also favors the lockdown, the endless debt and the war on young people.

If you want something new and different and better, send a message to the GOP, the Democrats and the mainstream media and vote for me on the Libertarian line on November 3rd, 2020.  Cast your vote for the antidote to the government virus that is killing our nation, liberty.

Failure is not an option.  The power elite got a taste of how fear can pave the way toward totalitarian control.  They have big plans for us, and this lockdown will never really end unless we resist it now.  They have plans for a mandatory vaccine and will go door to door with the army if necessary. I challenge my opponents to join me in condemning this destruction of American liberty.  But don’t hold your breath.  Neither one has spoken word one about the worst violation of American liberty since 1776.

Kill this virus of big government with the vaccine of liberty. Vote against this government virus, vote to end the lockdown and vote to end the war on America’s young people.  And vote like your country depends on it because it actually does.