Abolish Nancy Pelosi


The first thing the newly elected House of Representatives does is “chuse” a Speaker.  I want to let the voters know where I stand on this critical issue since Nancy Pelosi will be seeking re-election.

We already know how Nate McMurray and Chris Jacobs will vote.  They are machine politicians and they do exactly what they are told to do by their party bosses.  Like a physical machine, a political machine is an entity where all the moving parts act together under the direction of one force to accomplish a given result.  A physical machine acts in accordance with the designer’s plan.  A political machine acts according to orders given by the party boss.  Each member of the machine takes orders and acts in concert for the greater good of achieving political power and the goodies that come with power such as salaries, pensions, benefits, jobs for friends and family, and most importantly, the virtually unlimited power and wealth at the beck and call of whomever controls the government itself.

In exchange for doing what he is told by the boss, the candidate gets loads of money and resources from the machine.  In the case of Chris Jacobs, he received an astounding half a million dollars’ worth of support from the GOP, Grand Old Plutocrats.  (Source: Buffalo News, June 27, 2020).  Bob McCarthy reported,

“According to party insiders, the national and state parties spent more than $500,000 on pro-Jacobs efforts, including seven staffers dedicated to the simultaneous special election. They sponsored more than 415,000 pieces of mail, approximately 158,000 paid phone calls, 260,000 get-out-the-vote calls and $125,000 worth of digital ads targeted to district voters.”

You can add another hundred thousand or so since then. Where did the GOP get all that money?  By selling political influence to wealthy donors of course.  The political machine monetizes its control of government at your expense by doling out special favors in exchange for donations so they can maintain power over you and do it all again in the next election.  There’s an old saying, if you’re playing poker and you don’t who the sucker is, you’re the sucker.  I’m afraid we are all suckers for tolerating political machines that live at our expense while the country continues to decline.

Republican voters in NY27 are sadly deluded if they believe Chris Jacobs will be their voice in Congress.  No, whose bread I eat his song I must sing.  He will be Kevin McCarthy’s puppet in Congress and McCarthy will be his ventriloquist.

Nate McMurray is in the same boat.  He has received probably over $100,000 from Democrats and would never bite the hand that feeds him.  He is a certain vote for Nancy Pelosi.

As the only free agent in this race, the only candidate not owned by the party bosses, let me tell you my thoughts on voting for Speaker.

I will under no circumstances, including physical torture, vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

Her two-year tenure as Speaker has been a complete disaster for the country and I feel sorry for Nate who has to carry this albatross around his neck in this district.

It’s an easy case to make.

First, she wasted an entire year on a politically motivated and doomed impeachment of President Trump for Trump’s exercise of Article II powers under the Constitution.

Second, it is worth noting that, while the coronavirus was creeping up on us, the Democrats had the entire country and the President distracted with impeachment until early February, by which time the virus had spread widely into the country.  Actions have consequences.  The impeachment hoax killed Americas.

Third, even after the impeachment hoax ended, Pelosi’s utter incivility poisoned government and coarsened our nation’s politics with consequences we can now see on the evening news.  Tearing up the President’s speech at the State of the Union address was childish, possibly criminal and certainly cause for questioning her mental stability.  What’s next, fist fights on the House floor that we sometimes see in banana republics?  Her recent press conference about the 25th Amendment was nothing if not ironic.  “Physician, heal thyself!”

All spending bills must originate in the House so, regardless of what Democrats say, every dollar spent is the responsibility of the House Democrats.  Under her tenure, the federal debt has increased about five trillion dollars, saddling our children and grandchildren with debt to pay for the campaign promises of dead politicians.

I have many other problems with Pelosi, too many to mention here.  Let me add, however, that she would repeal the Second Amendment, our most important right, at the first possible opportunity.  I believe the right to bear arms protects all the other rights.  The Second Amendment Works as intended by deterring government tyranny.  We need it now more than ever.

In 2002, Pelosi was briefed on George W. Bush’s waterboarding methods and she failed to object or take any remedial action.

Let me explain something to Speaker Pelosi.  Waterboarding is torture.  It’s a crime.  We are better than that.

These are some of the reasons why I will vote against Pelosi for Speaker and, indeed, I believe she should be removed from office immediately.  She is unfit to be Speaker.

She has “sat there too long for any good she done.”  Her time is up.